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Welcome to Family Crest UK where we specialise in producing family coats of arms that can be used on a wide range of quality products.  We have over 10,000 family crests covering most of the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish families plus most European countries. To produce the coats of arms our designers use texts such as the General Armoury of England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales by Sir Bernard Burke and the many references produced by the College of Arms.

Our heraldry and coat of arms product range includes emailed images, framed products, glass and crystal wear and our popular coat of arms mounted on a wooden shield. New to our range are a number of products aimed as wedding gifts which include a “combined” coat of arms specific to the couple being married and associated cuff links.

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Here at Family Crest we pride ourselves on the quality of our product and the accuracy with which we reproduce your coat of arms. Only by referencing across a number of authoritive texts can we ensure that you are provided with an accurate reproduction of your family crest. Where more then one coat of arms exists for a particualr name we will always use the most ancient unless you instruct us to use a more modern coat of ams. The spelling of names changed over time and where there is no family crest for a particular spelling of a name we will, if appropriate, use one the family crests of an alternative spellings (ie Freer & Frere). However the family crest will have the name requested on the scroll.

The site also has information about the origins of Heraldry and how it developed over the centuries. It shows the component parts of a coat of arms and how they have been recorded over the years. The aim is to allow the reader to understand the significance of their family crest coat of arms and its origins.

All products are shipped from our premises in 3-5 working days, unless specified. All items are sold using English Law.

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